Kids in the street enjoying an event.

Pueblo Fest

Mar 15, 2017 | 08:00AM - 09:00AM
PuebloFest is more than just a music festival… it is a family-friendly event with a social purpose. Guests will have the opportunity to experience the Community-Plaza that will exhibit over 100 nonprofit and community organizations sharing valuable information. Guests will be able to attend workshops on topics like financial literacy, health services, immigration, higher education and much more!!

PuebloFest celebrates our cultura!  
Guest will enjoy:
  • Show de Charros & Escaramuzas
  • Statewide Mariachi Juvenil competition
  • Professional Folkloric dancers
  • Cultural and Art expo
  • mucho mas!
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When: March 17-19, 2017
Where: Tulare International Agri- Center