Kids in the street enjoying an event.

Photography Workshop and Lecture at Arts Visalia

Mar 15, 2013 | 07:00PM - 09:00PM
The Visalia Art League presents:  Photographer/digital artist and gallery owner Jonathan Bock  on March 15  at Arts Visalia 7-9 pm  Bock works in a wide range of media.  His work celebrates the creative process, inspired by a passionate interest in art, history, science and culture.  His projects focus on variety of subjects, nature, folklore, spirituality, music and theater arts.  Ultimately, his work seeks to share a heart-felt analysis of what the artist feels most matters in life.    His photographic and computer experience extends from darkness printing in the 1960s, to contemporary digital processes.  Bock holds a BFA degree in printmaking and art history from Indiana University, and a MFA degree in computer animation from California Institute of the Arts.  He is owner of Williams Gallery and Stellar Gallery in Oakhurst, CA and founding director of Sierra Art Trails. To view works by Jonathan Bock visit